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Get your dealership the traffic it needs before your competitors do. provides high performance, cutting edge, custom solutions for auto dealers that no other agency even comes close to matching. Using better insights, better content and trusted linking strategies, we get you the insider’s edge to impacting the search engine algorithms.

Fully managed, closely monitored, from the most in-depth initial SEO audit in the industry, and the keyword driven content on site, to the often overlooked backlinking efforts that affect 65% of ranking signal, our team produces measurable results.

Why should I focus on SEO?

The internet is the #1 source for new car buyers.

Car buyers spend about 12 hours researching new cars online before they buy a car and look at an average of 10 dealerships’ websites before they submit a lead.

What will make them come to your website first?
What will make them return until they’re ready to buy a car?

Showing up on as many Google searches is a critical component of a solid digital marketing strategy.

And your website matters.


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How do we do it?

SEO Audit

THE most in-depth SEO audit in the industry, and recommendations compiled by our SEO experts utilizing proprietary tools and crawlers. We ensure we establish a solid foundation for the important work ahead.


Search engines love fresh and relevant content. If your site only has new inventory and specials, you will find it difficult to outrank your competitors. Our content always includes keyword research, discovery, and expert density implementation.


It’s not just for babies. Using the exact format for your listings all over the web matters more than you think. Using a proprietary method, is able to deliver those citations in the first weeks of the campaign, building automotive search authority for your dealership.

Backlink Outreach

65% of the ranking signal, building the backlink profile on your site further verifies the authority of your site as a trusted source of information in the automotive industry. works with thousands of online publishers and content producers to create new and lasting backlink opportunities for your dealership that will propel your site to the top of the SERPs.

Certified and Accredited

DigitalMarketing is a Google AdWords Certified Partner,
Microsoft® Bing Partner, and a SEMPO® Circle Member.

For over a decade, has combined agile, cutting-edge strategies
with world-class, in-house talent to get your brand the attention it deserves online.

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